Dinolandia and John Paul II Garden are hereinafter referred to as the Facility/Objects.

All persons entering the Facility(s) are required to familiarize themselves with these Regulations.

  1. Persons with valid entrance tickets are allowed on the Site/Premises. Admission is based on the specified admission ticket according to the price list located in front of the Facilities’ ticket offices or on the websites dinolandia.co.uk/price list and www.ogrodjp2.pl/cennik. If you purchase admission tickets that require it, you will need to show the appropriate ID.
  2. The admission ticket to the Facility(s) is a one-day ticket and is in paper form.
  3. One ticket can only be used by one person – it is not allowed to transfer the ticket to another person.
  4. Failure to use the admission ticket to the Facility(s) within the specified time period shall not constitute grounds for any claims.
  5. Failure to use an attraction located at the Facility(s) as part of the admission ticket shall not constitute grounds for any claim.
  6. The opening days and hours of the Facilities are indicated on the websites dinolandia.pl/opening-hours and www.ogrodjp2.pl/godziny-otwarcia and on the boards located in front of the Facilities’ ticket offices. The Organizer reserves the right to reschedule the opening hours or close the Facility/Objects without giving any reason, with prior notice to the Guests. The schedule may not be changed during the use of the attraction, except in case of emergency, as a result of force majeure or adverse weather conditions.
  7. The list of attractions included in the admission ticket to the Facility(s) and attractions with additional fees can be found on the websites dinolandia.pl/attractions and www.ogrodjp2.pl and on boards placed in front of the Facilities’ ticket offices.
  8. Use of the attractions within the admission ticket is unlimited.
  9. Admission to the Facility/Premises and use of the attractions available therein for children and young people under the age of 13 must be under the supervision of parents or legal guardians only. Parents or adult guardians are fully responsible for damages caused by persons under their care.
  10. In order to maintain safety, the facilities at the Facility/Objects have top-down parameters for people using them (such as age, height, etc.) The facilities staff may refuse to use a particular facility or attraction to a person who, for objective reasons, cannot fully use the attraction or facility on his/her own or does not meet the age, height, etc. restrictions. Age restrictions are strictly adhered to.
  11. In the situation of an interruption in the operation of the Facility(s) for reasons arising from
    due to force majeure or due to the Organizer’s fault, the Organizer is obliged to refund the ticket purchase price to the Guests.
  12. When using the attractions, it is imperative to follow the safety rules, Regulations and information provided by the staff. The staff of the Facility/Objects has the right to refuse the use of the funfair equipment to an intoxicated person and a person behaving aggressively or vulgarly. The staff also has the right to refuse the attraction to those who do not comply with the provisions of these Regulations.
  13. The use of some attractions requires the completion of the relevant statements (available from the equipment staff).
  14. Attractions are open only during the opening hours of the Facilities.
  15. The facility(ies) organize various promotional activities. Each of them is governed by the relevant Regulations. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of a particular promotional action makes it impossible to participate in the action.
  16. The person staying in the Facility/Premises shall bear full financial responsibility for any damage and destruction of property caused by his/her fault and the fault of persons under his/her care.
  17. Persons entering the Facility/Premises give their consent (and, in cases provided by law, it is given by the relevant authorized person, e.g., legal representative) to the free use and distribution of their image, recorded during their stay in the Facility/Premises for marketing purposes (Article 81 of the Copyright Law). Consent is granted for an indefinite period and without territorial restrictions. Consent also covers the dissemination of the image by third parties
    within the framework of broadcasting and public reproduction of marketing materials, photographs, reports, promotional films, music videos, television programs and audio-visual broadcasts, as well as information regarding events and events held at the Site(s), including on the Internet and social networks. According to Art. 81 para. 2(2) of the copyright law, permission is not required to distribute an image of a person that is only a detail of a whole such as, among others. A gathering, a landscape, a public event.
  18. Please report complaints and grievances to the Customer Service Office or by email to marketing@dinolandia.pl. The complaint form or complaint form through which you can submit a complaint or complaint can be downloaded from the Customer Service. In order to process the complaint, it is necessary to provide proof of purchase of the claimed item (admission ticket), a description of the complaint on the form or electronically (email). Information about the processing of the complaint or complaint will be communicated to the complainant electronically (e-mail) or in writing to the address provided by the complainant. Within 30 days from the date of filing a complaint or complaint will be communicated to the person concerned.
  19. Guests purchasing an entrance ticket to the Facility/Objects may not claim the right to purchase a walking ticket on days when the walking ticket is not valid. The opening schedule of the Facility(s) can be found on the websites dinolandia.co.uk/opening-hours and www.ogrodjp2.pl/godziny-otwarcia.
  20. Valuables left at the Facility(s) will be transferred to the Customer Service Office, where they can be collected by their owners within one month. After the designated period, the items are transferred to the Lost Property Office.
  21. Persons residing in the Facility/Premises are prohibited from:

– Causing situations that may harm the safety of others,

– use of the attractions and equipment located at the Facility/Premises contrary to their intended use and the rules set forth in these Regulations and the Regulations for the use of individual equipment,

– Running around the Site(s) and making noise, climbing on railings, sitting on fences, walking on water cascades, streams, ponds, ponds, decorative boulders, fenced green areas,

– climbing on structural elements not designed for this purpose, climbing
On models and touching models,

– destroying and damaging equipment, indecent behavior, as well as behavior generally considered indecent and offensive,

– Consumption of alcoholic beverages outside areas designated for this,

– Bringing in alcoholic beverages from outside,

– Bringing objects into the Facility/Premises that could cause harm to others,

– Bringing in pyrotechnic articles, i.e. firecrackers, rockets, fireworks, containers
with gas, firearms and gas weapons,

– introduction of animals,

– Entering rooms excluded from general access,

– Smoking outside the designated area,

– For safety reasons – chewing gum while using equipment that is instigated
in motion.

  1. Acquisition is strictly prohibited outside and inside the Facility(s).
  2. Owners of the Facility/Offices shall not be liable for accidents caused by failure to comply with these Rules and Regulations, Rules and Regulations for the use of individual facilities, instructions and instructions of authorized personnel.
  3. The Facilities reserve the right to amend the foregoing Terms and Conditions at any time if they deem it necessary or essential to improve service to Guests visiting the Facility/Accommodation.
  4. Persons who flagrantly violate these Regulations will be asked to
    to leave the Facility(s) without the right to seek a refund.
  5. In connection with the entry into force of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 dated. April 27, 2016. On the protection of individuals in connection with
    with the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), referred to as RODO, and the Law dated. May 10, 2018. On protection of personal data it is informed that the Customers’ data will be processed by the Organizer, which is the Administrator of the Customers’ Personal Data
  6. Willingness to use the services of the Facility(s) involves consent to the processing of personal data of the Client and the registered child, who is a participant in the game. The customer has been informed of the right to inspect his personal data and the right to correct, delete, rectify, transfer and object to the processing of personal data.
  7. Provision of personal data by Customers is not a statutory obligation and is voluntary, with the reservations made below in this section. However, in order to conclude a contract (use the services of the Facility(s)), it is necessary to establish at least a party to the contract, so the consequence of not providing personal data is that it is not possible to conclude a contract and use the services.

Entrance to the Site(s) is tantamount to acknowledgement of reading the Rules and Regulations, acceptance of their provisions and commitment to abide by them.