Welcome to Dinosaurs and Amusement Park Dinolandia - a place where you will travel back in time to the prehistoric era and meet live dinosaurs! This site is a great resource for anyone planning to visit Dinoland and wants to know what to expect. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the park, attractions, tickets and many other important information. With our tips and advice, preparing for your visit to Dinolandia will be easier and more fun. Unforgettable experiences, excitement and learning await you, so we invite you to explore our website and plan an unforgettable visit to Dinolandia!
1Where is Dinolandia located?
Dinolandia is located in Inwald, a town located between Andrychów and Wadowice. The park is located directly on provincial road No. 52 on the Krakow - Bielsko-Biala route.
2Is there parking and how much does it cost?
Parking is located in front of the park entrance. It is priced at PLN 15 per car/day.
3For whom is Dinolandia intended?
Dinolandia is designed for anyone who loves fun and dinosaurs. The park has attractions for the youngest, but also for the older ones. Check out what interesting things you can do with us https://www.dinolandia.pl/atrakcje/.
4Are there additional paid attractions in the park?
All of the Park's attractions are included in the price of admission. In addition, only slot machines, Mobile Laser Trap, air cannons and catering are paid for.
5What to bring with you on your trip to Dinolandia?
We are an open space park, so you should be prepared for changing weather conditions. In order to be comfortable while playing and hiking in the Park, it is necessary to bring the appropriate attire and shoes. Children who want to use the Little Rope Park, DinoBases and the Wall Climbers must wear athletic shoes. Of the aforementioned attractions, no It is allowed to use in footwear with exposed toes, such as sandals, flip-flops, etc. Worth have a change of socks with you, and on sunny days something to shield your head, sunscreen oil or also sunglasses. Want to have interesting memories, be sure to have a camera or also a camera. Thanks to them, we will stay with you for longer. Also remember the documents so you can get the right discounts about us.
6What if the weather is bad?
In case of bad weather conditions, some attractions are closed. In case of inclement weather, the Park's operating hours may be reduced (e.g., due to all-day rain).
7How much do entrance tickets to the park cost?
All information on admission prices can be found at the link https://www.dinolandia.pl/cennik/.
8Where to buy a ticket to Dinolandia?
Tickets to the Park can be purchased at the ticket office when Dinolandia is open or online. We encourage you to buy tickets online and avoid queues at the Park's ticket office. The online sales system can be found at the link https://www.dinolandia.pl/kup-bilet/.
9What does the admission ticket include?
The entrance ticket includes entry to Dinolandia and the John Paul II Garden and enjoyment of the attractions on site. The entrance ticket is a one-day pass.
10Is it possible to eat in Dinolandia?
Dinolandia is home to DINO Restaurant. This is the perfect place to recuperate your strength and gain energy for further fun. A colorful Dinomenu awaits the little ones with treats worthy of dinosaur explorers. Everyone must try the Dinopak, which includes a choice of: DINOBURGER, NUGGETS or STRIPS, as well as children's favorite French fries and drinks and a gift - a toy. We also encourage you to try grilled delicacies, sweets from the cafeteria or ice cream.
11Is it possible to pay by card in the Park?
Of course, we honor payment by credit card. Payment by card can be made for both entrance tickets at the Park's ticket office, food and beverage outlets and the gift store.
12Is it possible to leave the park and return to it while playing?
Dinolandia can be left by going out to the parking lot for a while. Notify a checkout employee of your desire to return, so you can get back to us.
13Can Dinolandia be visited with a dog?
Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the Park. If you want to visit us, be sure to provide care for your four-legged friend.