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with prehistory

Dinosaurs are second to none. These prehistoric creatures fascinate toddlers of preschool and early school age for a good few years. Some children have knowledge that many dinosaur specialists would not be ashamed of.

We cordially invite you to a world where the youngest can explore their knowledge of prehistoric reptiles. During a guided tour, children will learn the extremely secrets of the Mesozoic world, but they can also face these unusual creatures. Maybe, some child will dare to say hello to the carnivorous Tyrannosaurus Rex?
We cordially invite the youngest to take a trip to the distant times of the Mesozoic era.

Dinosaurs are waiting
for new explorers!

Ticket group

Group ticket includes sightseeing and enjoyment of attractions at Dinosaurs and Amusement Park Dinolandia and John Paul II Garden in Inwald -


  • 1 guardian per 10 children/persons - free admission.
  • Free parking for coaches.
  • The park can be used during its opening hours.
  • Guided tours and paleontology workshops require advance tour reservations.

Ticket price: 39 PLN/person

  • It is granted to groups of min. 15 people.

IMPORTANT! In order to use the Climbing Wall attraction, it is required that a parent or legal guardian fill out the appropriate statements.

Guided tour

The presence of Mesozoic creatures is an excellent excuse for the guide to introduce students to topics related to the work of a paleontologist, prehistory, the structure of the Earth and hypotheses related to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The guide will reveal the secrets of these unusual reptiles - he will tell what the Sponisaurus used the fan on its back for, Parazaurolophus the tip on its head, and answer the question of whether carnivorous dinosaurs had to worry about their teeth.


  • paleontologist's work,
  • What's left of the dinosaurs,
  • A world where dinosaurs lived,
  • Dinosaurs - the structure of their bodies,
  • The extinction of the dinosaurs.

Ticket price: 3 PLN/person

  • Guided tour time: approx. 45 min.

Workshop paleontological

Why attend a paleontology workshop? Every teacher knows that children learn best through play, so a great idea for assimilating knowledge is a paleontology workshop.

Participants discover dinosaur skeletons housed in plaster blocks. They make discoveries with a hammer and chisel. Which, in addition to fun, supports the exercise of manual dexterity. Each workshop participant receives a dinosaur skeleton they unearthed as a souvenir.

Ticket price: 19 PLN/person

  • Duration of the workshop: approx. 45 min.

Menus for groups


21 PLN

Every little explorer and dinosaur lover who visits DINO Restaurant must obligatorily try Dinopaka, a tasty set packaged in the company's cardboard box.

Dinopacks include a choice of: DINOBURGER, NUGGETS or STRIPS, as well as children's favorite French fries and drinks and a gift toy.


(ground poultry meat, lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion, sauce)
French fries, beverage of choice: fruit juice, mineral water, coca-cola, sprite, fanta, toy.


(breaded ground poultry meat)
French fries, beverage of choice: fruit juice, mineral water, coca-cola, sprite, fanta, toy.


(breaded poultry tenderloin)
French fries, beverage of choice: fruit juice, mineral water, coca-cola, sprite, fanta, toy.

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